Monday, July 12, 2010

WEEK - 75 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

I don't have much time to write this week, but just wanted everyone to know that I'm alive. The mission is the best! My companion and I are having a lot of success and the Lord is truly blessing us. Tomorrow we have our last multi zone conference with President Bulloch. We're in charge of the musical number so we'll see how that goes!

Mexico is in the world cup and everyone goes crazy if they win or lose. The whole city stands still to be able to watch the game!

So here's my plan, I'm going to send the stuff I want to send home through Elder Tanner and Elder Howard. They are both going to AZ and can take the stuff. I'm sending a tape recording that I've done over the last few weeks, it's kind of silly and pointless but hey we're missionaries! haha! I'm going to record some teaching appointments and just some of the things we do every day. I'm also going to send my memory card home. It's full of pictures and videos and I didn't have time to rip everything off so I'll just send the whole card.

I bought Elder Tanner a tie today. It was one for 200 pesos or three for 300 pesos, I thought it would be smarter the three. I gave Elder Galindo a tie since he'll probably have changes this cycle.

Well Mom, my time as a missionary is going SOOOO FAST!! I complete 17 months today. Not that I'm counting, but I realized today what that means, that in one month I'll only have 6 months left, 4 cycles!! AAHHH!!! That makes me so sad, but more willing give my all for the Lord. I want to give him everything I am, and not leave anything behind. This is HIS work, and I'm here to give 100 percent of my life, not 90 or 80. Like President Bulloch said, I'm called for 24 months, not any less.

You and Dad have been such a support for me. I'm thankful the Lord is blessing you and know he will even more.

I can't tell you how happy I am. Sometimes I get stressed out or worried but I just need to remember who's work this is. The Lord has helped me so much and built me up. I know I'm not the best missionary in the world- I don't know all the scriptures there are to know to have discussions with the Jehovah's witnesses, I don't even know everything there is to know about the lessons. I study and do my best, strive to seek revelation and that's all I can do. I guess I just need to remember what Elder Bednar said, "Just be a good boy, obey and honor your covenants and the Lord will make up the rest."

He told us about Peter when Christ was walking on the water. He told us to "Jump off the boat and walk on the water!" I just need to put my faith completely in the Lord!

Hasta luego!

Elder Ras

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