Monday, July 12, 2010

WEEK - 76 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)


Elder Miller went home this week, so Elder Galindo and I have been working with Elder Dan Lopez from Utah. He's a great Elder and always has a positive attitude. My companion and I are grateful to have a district with such positive Elders. I'm glad you got the stuff I sent you through Elder Tanner and Elder Howard. I thought the pens were kind of cool, I bought them at the pyramids. The bracelets for Mom as well. Actually everything I sent! I bought two little masks, like the one I sent to Grandma, but my companion and I gave it to President and Sister Bulloch. They really liked it. They said they didn't have one and that it was small enough to take with them. Dad, when I saw that axe I thought of you and Fathers day! Hope you liked it!

This week they told us if we had changes or not, and neither one of us have changes! Elder Galindo just hit 7 months in this area! Pretty crazy huh? We're going to be together another cycle or two! We really like our area, but are having some challenges that we have never experienced in other areas. Remember a few months ago when it rained so hard that it flooded? Well Arenal was one of the worst colonies to get hit with the flooding. ALL of Arenal flooded, and Elder Galindo with some of the other ward members helped to take blankets and food to people stuck in their houses. He said that the "aguas negras" (black or sewage waters) were up to his chest! They went rafting from house to house with their blankets! Anyways, I'm telling you this because you would think the people in this part of the city would be really humble right? But they are really stubborn! It's been kind of tough for my companion and me to find new investigators, but we know we just need to work hard and depend on the Lord and the miracles will always come. We've seen it over and over again!

That's great that you got to see Elder Tanner and Elder Howard. They are awesome! I´m thankful I got to know them here.

Tomorrow is the last time we'll see President Bulloch in Mexico. On Saturday we are going to have a zone conference with President Hicken! He's going to have a busy day! I was really sad as I read President Bulloch's email today, but I know it is part of the Church. Last Tuesday he gave an amazing talk on how it is necessary to have a change. He talked about John the Baptist and how when his disciples told him that Christ was having more followers he says that is necessary for him to decrease and for Christ to grow (John 3 I think?). President Bulloch drew two lines on the whiteboard. One with his name on the top with an arrow going down, and with Pres. Hicken's name on the bottom with an arrow pointing up. It kind of hit us all there in that meeting that this is a necessary thing. Sure we will miss President Bulloch a lot, but the Lord has called President Hicken to preside over this mission. Pres. Bulloch taught us that when we accept Pres. Hicken, we are accepting the Lord. That's what I intend to do.
I'll tell you next week how the conference went.
Les amo mucho!
Elder Rasmussen

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