Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WEEK - 78 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Hey everyone!

Well I don't have much time to write today. We got back a little late from the centro.

Elder Chavez, Jared Mora, Elder Ras

Remember Elder Mora my second companion? He sent me a message saying he was coming back to visit from Torreon, so we met up and he went with us today! It was fun to see him again and remember all the memorable times we had.

This past week a family called me from Palmar, here in Neza. They were inactive when Elder Hilario and I got there and we helped them get active again, and this past week they entered the temple. We also baptized their son, it’s the family Ruiz, remember them? They were so excited and it was great to enter the Temple again and see this family so happy!

1st ZL Conference with Presidente Hicken

We also had our zone leader counsel with President Hicken. THAT was just great! President Hicken is such a powerful mission president. We all got there and we started exactly at the hour and as we sat down he said “If Pres. Packer were here, this meeting would have started 5 minutes ago!” I learned its always good to be extra early! We didn’t do a shout afterwards, Presidente asked us if we could imagine the twelve apostles doing a shout after such an important meeting. We looked at each other and said “Well…no!”. The things in the mission are really changing- actually they're changing in the whole world! Now there aren’t cycles, we are going to go by months. Also, there is only going to b a zone conference every third month, along with the interviews. The Church is introducing a type of “Preach My Gospel” for the district meetings as well, I think it is to train the leaders better. It was a great meeting, and I learned so much!

Well things are going great here in Neza. Elder Chavez is a good guy, and we are working hard. We put a goal of 12 for this “cycle”. We’ll have to change that so it can be a monthly goal. Just a little update on our investigators.

We are teaching a lady called Mariana and her son Rodolfo. I think I told you about her last week. She knows the Book of Mormon is true already! A companion at work gave it to her and she has already read a lot of it! She told us this week that the day before she met us she had prayed to be guided to the right church. When she met us she knew it was an answer to her prayers!! Wow! She is elect, and ready to accept the gospel. We are going to baptize her and her son this week. Seyka gave us a referral of one of her friends, Diana. She needs to get divorced and married to her husband but she’s willing to do it! Her cousin is Daniel and he wants to be baptized this week. Diana has two kids, Fernando and Itzel that also want to be baptized but they will have to wait and be baptized with their mom.

The Lord is truly blessing us with success! We also found another man named Jose Raya. We visited him last week, and he said he would go to church but when my companion went t his house last Sunday he wasn’t there. When we went by again on Saturday he said he really was there but his family had said he wasn’t because he was in the yard working!! He really wants to know if the church is true, and he has kept all his commitments! WoW! This is the Lords work! I’m so thankful to be a small part of it, and I'm thankful Trent has this chance to serve as well. It is the most rewarding service in the world. I’m trying to take advantage of all I can, every minute and every second to serve the Lord with all my might!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rasmussen

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